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Best James Bond Casino scenes

Edwin Huxley - Monday 26.11.12, 21:09pm

James Bond is a seasoned gambler and in his 23 films at least 11 of them have scenes set in casinos. We say at least as we have not yet seen Skyfall, so we don’t know if it includes one. Here we will look at the different games that he plays in these various scenes.

In Casino Royale the game is Texas Hold’em Poker, and he does pretty well in it too – collecting a cool $150 million only to have it stolen by his girlfriend. The scene is probably the most memorable gambling scene out of the entire collection of Bond Movies. In his final show down with the villainous banker Le Chiffre he makes use of Le Chiffre’s unusual poker tell.

Chemin de Fer must be one of Bond’s favourite games, but then it is a game that favours the high rollers. He plays it in a number of films including Thunderball, Dr No, For Your Eyes Only and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. The casino scene in Dr No is set at the Les Ambassadeurs Club in London, but his game with the lovely Sylvia Trench has to be cut short when Bond receives and urgent message. His opponent in Thunderball is Emilio Largo and in Thunderball a man called Bunky. His biggest win on Chemin de Fer was 1 million drachma in For Your Eyes Only.

You would expect James Bond to be a cool Blackjack player and you wouldn’t be wrong. In Licence to Kill he is attempting to connect with Felix Sanchez, the film’s villain, at the local casino, which is good, sice it would be quite a challenge online in He sits down at one of the Blackjack tables and soon starts reeling in the cash and he is soon up by $250,000.

Interestingly, to date (with the possible exception of Skyfall where he might well play the game at an online casino) we have not seen Bond play roulette in any of the movies. This is a little strange, for according to his creator Ian Fleming, Bond was quite partial to the game. Even in the opening scene in his first book, Casino Royal, we find Bond sitting at the roulette table where he had been playing all through the night. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl Reddit
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